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Capital One says it can show up at your house!

Do you have a Capital One credit card ? If so, you better read the contract update it just sent to cardholders.  The update reads, “we may contact you in any manner we choose” and such contact can include a “personal visit.”  If that isn’t bad enough, Cap One says these visits can be “at your home and at your place of employment.” Spooky.

Thats not all.  Cap One also says it can spoof its number on your caller I.D.  So when Cap One calls its name may not show up on your caller I.D. and it could use a local number even though the call is coming from a different state. Cap One wants to trick you into picking up the phone.  Sneaky.   You may ask why is Cap One disclosing these tactics.  First, it realizes most of us do not read these inserts that come with our monthly statements.  Second, its  classic cover your butt!

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