Jack and I were so impressed with Jeff’s professionalism and not making us feel like bad people like the debt collector did. He stayed in touch through the entire process. Was prompt at returning calls and answering questions. Just a wonderful person to have on your side. Hopefully I will never need his services again…but if I should I am glad to know he is there and on my side. Lisa

Jeff was absolutely awesome! What more can I say. Bernita W.

I am extremely grateful to Jeff and his staff for the dedication, time, and effort that were put into my case. I never would have thought that a debt collector’s threats would result in money in my pocket. Jeff provided quality legal representation and was always available in case I had any questions. I would highly recommend contacting Jeff to anyone having issues with debt collectors’ unfair practices! Thank you so much!

We are glad that we found Jeff’s website. We were being harassed by a debt collector after my husband was in an accident. They called family and neighbors, threatened to sue us and garnish our wages. Jeff informed us that we did not deserve to be treated this way and advised us on our legal rights. He was very fair, loyal, and stayed in contact with us through the whole case. We would HIGHLY recommend his practice to anyone seeking a debt collection harassment attorney. Thanks for everything you did for us. We are much appreciated. Mark and Elinor H.

I contacted Jeff on his website. It turned out that he was unable to help me and I didn’t need legal representation. However, he still got back to me right away, answered many of my questions and did give me advice on how to handle my situation. VERY professional. I would definitely refer my family and friends to him. Thanks. Megan.

I am extremely pleased that I went to Jeff for help with my case. He was very honest and made sure that I was aware and understood every detail of my case until the very end. I would definitely recommend his services and experience to anyone. K.B.

I had a debt collector illegally give out my personal information to several people in an attempt to collect a bill. I wasn’t sure who to turn to but I found Jeff and I am so glad I did. Not only did Jeff protect my legal rights but he got to understand me and my situation on a personal level. It felt like he truly wanted to help me as a person and was fully committed to my case. I want to again thank Jeff for his support and hard work. – Best Regards, R.J.

I’m so glad I found Jeff’s website when I did. A debt collector called me a deadbeat because I couldn’t pay my bills…and asked me how I could stand to look at myself in the mirror. Jeff helped me realize that many consumers run into financial difficulties and that I did not deserve the abuse from this debt collector! I never imagined in a million years that this was wrong and I never imagined that they could end up paying me for my distress. If anyone out there is having problems with debt collectors, Jeff is worth the phone call. Thanks, Robert.

We just wanted to post how truly wonderful your firm was to us. You truly saved our sanity. I am so thankful that I contacted Jeff. Keep up the good work, and Happy New Year! Geraldine and Gary

I was constantly being harassed by debt collectors. Jeff Suher’s knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and expertise put my fears to rest. He’s honest, fair, accessible and gave me a sense of feeling like my case was important to him. Kimberly S.

I commend Jeff. Not many people like attorneys… I know I never did. Jeff is very dedicated to his practice and his clients. He made me feel very comfortable, and made me feel like I was his only client – spent a lot of time with me and seemed like he truly understood my situation with the debt collector who was bothering me. Thanks Jeff. Mark S.

The calls were getting annoying. I couldn’t pay. I was tired of dealing with the harassing letters and phone calls. After talking to Jeff, I realized that sometimes this happens and I shouldn’t feel ashamed and didn’t need to deal with this just because I couldn’t pay these old debts. Thanks Jeff. Chris T.