No one likes a bully.

Is your phone ringing non-stop? Are debt collectors threatening to garnish your wages or take you to court? If you have an unpaid credit card — or any old debt that has been sold off to third-party debt collectors — then you may need legal help. Pittsburgh’s go-to Consumer Protection attorney, Jeff Suher, helps consumers harassed by abusive debt collectors.

Unfair or deceptive debt collecting practices is against the law.

Federal legislation to address widespread abuses among collection agencies was enacted into law by Congress in 1977 through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Other laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act offer consumers protections against credit reporting errors.  These laws can make a powerful difference to the rights of consumers.

Policing debt collector and credit reporting abuse starts with you.

Laws are only effective if consumers step forward and pursue their legal rights. Beyond what unfair collection and credit reporting practices can do to your finances, there is significant adverse impact on your family’s well-being, mental health and social existence – which can be detrimental to overall quality of life.

Ensure your rights are protected.

With Jeff, you can count on an experienced, capable, accomplished and knowledgeable attorney to intervene on your behalf. Contact us today and arrange a free consultation at our Pittsburgh office to share your concerns and learn about your legal rights. You don’t pay until we win!